About Us

Since opening Sport Cafe on Washington Ave in 1992, our family has served Miami residents and people from all of the world the best quality food at the most affordable prices.  We opened Rosinella on Lincoln Road in 1997, followed by Rosinella Downtown in 1998, and Sunset Juice Cafe in 2015.

For years our customers have asked us where they can buy the food we use at our restaurants to use at home.  Rosinella Market satisfies this need by providing the best quality food for the Italian kitchen at affordable prices.  We focus on organic, and the majority of our products come from small, family-owned producers from different regions in Italy.  We bake our bread, make Roman style pizza, make our own pastries, make fresh pasta, and make our own cold-pressed juice, all on site.  We use a flywheel slicer (non-electric) to slice our prosciutto.

You are welcome to come and taste the difference.